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  • Umpire guidelines
  • Serving as an Umpire for NWLL
  • Training clinics are scheduled throughout the season. Check the D8 Umpires website for more information.
  • NWSLL has umpire training videos that you can check out from our library. These are professionally produced and provide excellent in-depth training. Email Barry Huntington for more information (
  • Amateur Umpire Web Site
  • Umpire Registry. By joining the Little League Umpire Registry, umpires immediately become part of a unique information network charged with enhancing umpire services for Little League players everywhere. Umpires can register online for a one-year membership for just $25. NWLL will reimburse this membership fee for our umpires. Umpires receive:
    • Copies of all Little League Baseball Rule Books
    • A copy of The Umpire in Little League
    • A copy of Little League Baseball’s The Right Call
    • An official Little League Baseball Registry Identification Card, Certificate and Patch
    • Subscription to The Umpire Registry Newsletter, Fair Ball
    • A listing in the Little League Baseball Registry of Umpires