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Who should sign up for NW Seattle Little League?

Children who are at least 5 by August 31, 2018 and not yet 17 on May 1, 2018  (December 31, 2018 for Softball) and who reside (or are attend a school) inside the NWSLL boundary area are eligible to play in NWSLL.


Is Northwest Little League “your” league?


There are several Little Leagues within the city of Seattle and North King County.  It is important to register in the right league based on your home or school address.  Although it’s possible to get a waiver to play in a different league (outside of your home/school league), your child may not be eligible to play All Stars.  Also, we’ve found over the years that its best to get kids into the right league to start with so they don’t start in one league and make lots of friends, and then have to switch later on.

The NW boundary area is between NW 85th or 90th and NW 145th (Seattle city limits) and from Puget Sound to Interstate 5.  If you live in this basic area OR your child goes to a school located in this area, please verify before registration.



To verify your league, go here.


Player Registration Period

2017 On time Registration Deadline:  December 1, 2017 – January 28, 2018 (extending longer for Teeball and A ball as space is available).

“Early bird” registrants will receive a $10 per player discount if registered before January 1.

*After the “on-time” registration period is over on January 28, there will be a $20 late fee assessed at the time of registration (except for Teeball, all Softball, Juniors and Seniors Baseball).

Late registrations are subject to space availability and will lose priority for team placement.  Please  register as soon as possible!

Coaches and volunteers are also encouraged to register ASAP.


Little League age rules for the 2018 season (Baseball only)

Please use the following Calculator to determine your players 2018 Playing age.

LEAGUE AGE CALCULATOR (click this link)


Softball player Age definitions have not changed and are still determined by each player’s age as of January 1 of the current softball season.

What does it cost to play Northwest Little League?

The registration fees are outlined in the 2018 Cost and Info Table.

Beyond player registration fees and business sponsorships, NWSLL relies each year on a fundraising component to pay for roughly 25% of our league expenses.  In May 2017, NWSLL held our annual Fan Fest to close out the fundraising drive.  As you may recall the Fan Fest included team pictures, fun player and team contests, and prizes including video game and pizza parties for the top fundraising teams.  And thanks to our generous community, we exceeded our 2017 goals!

For many years NWSLL fundraising has involved the sale of tickets.  To simplify matters for the league and for our families, we have decided to move away from tickets and toward an exclusively donation-based model for 2018.  As Spring approaches we will communicate further details on our 2018 Fan Fest fundraising drive, but if you would prefer to make a donation in advance, we will happily apply this to your player’s individual and team fundraising totals (which are eligible for prizes).  As a refresher here were the individual fundraising goals for last year (we expect them to remain the same or similar for 2017):

  • Rookies/SB 78ers/Tee-Ball – team average of $50 per player
  • AA Baseball & Softball – team average of $90 per player
  • AAA/Majors/Juniors Baseball & Softball – team average of $120 per player

As communicated last year we absolutely recognize that not all NWSLL families are able to achieve such fundraising targets, so for those of our families in position to raise greater-than-average amounts, we appreciate your efforts to financially support our league and provide ball-playing opportunities for all.


Other details

  • Additional players from the same family each receive a $25 discount after the first child is registered.
  • Each family is asked to participate in the Fan Fest fundraising drive.
  • The policy of  NWSLL is to issue no refunds after a child has played in a sanctioned game. Prior to playing in a sanctioned game, partial refunds are available.  Please click here for details.
  • In case you register your 8 year old for AA but he/she later chooses to play in Rookies, a refund will be issued for the difference in the registration fees.
  • No child will be denied an opportunity to play for financial reasons. Please download the Scholarship Application, complete it and send it to us before you register.

NWSLL Scholarship Request Form


Can my child “play up”?

“Playing up” is an option for some players.  NWSLL allows players to request to play up one division by choosing the YES box when asked if you request this option during the registration process.  During the registration process, you cannot register for the division you wish to play up to, but this does not matter, as every player requesting to play up will be given the same opportunity based on the below process.

If you are thinking that you want your player to play in a division “up” from the one specified in the table above, please follow these steps:

“Play-Up” Step 1:  Go through player registration process, and check the YES box when asked: “We request our child be evaluated to play up“.  Do not falsify player age in registration in order to register in upper division (this is important).

“Play-Up” Step 2: Player must participate in BOTH player evaluation sessions in February (the division for which your child is registered AND the requested “Play Up” division).  If you do not hear from the league regarding times and places for BOTH sessions, please send an inquiry email to get the required information.  Send email to

“Play-Up” Step 3: After Player Evaluations and before team selections (draft), decisions on all “play up” candidates will be made.

Please understand that the league is taking the following into consideration:

  • Demonstrated skills/ability at Player Evaluations
  • Confirmation that the player play safely and competently in the upper division
  • Feedback from the coach from last season
  • Composition of teams and number of players in each division
  • Team parity in each division

The league will let you know if other information is needed.

NOTE: Do not put in a “false” Date of Birth during registration!   It is VERY important that every player be registered with a correct birthday, as Little League Rules need to be followed for each division.

Please see our FAQ document for NWSLL policies on playing up.  If you have questions about league age or “playing up” please contact us at

Common “Play Up” Scenarios:

Here are a couple of “Play up” scenarios:

An ELEVEN year old requesting to play up to MAJORS from AAA: 

In this case, an Eleven year old player may have displayed a high level of skill during the previous season (in Minors or on the ten year old All Stars team).  This player may request to play up to Majors if they feel that they are ready for the higher level of competition (against older and bigger kids) in Majors.   Based on the criteria listed above in “Play up Step 3”, the player may be invited to play up in the Majors division.

Another situation may be that an 11 year old player may not have requested to play up, but at evaluations the coaches determine that it may be a good fit for the player to play up. In this case, the majors coordinator or registrar will contact the parents of that player and discuss the decision of whether or not the player should play up.

A NINE year old requesting to play up to AAA baseball from AA :

In this scenario, a nine year who has played a season of Kid Pitch baseball (as an eight year old) and may want to experience the added challenge of AAA baseball (and the bigger kids/better pitching/harder hitting that comes with it ).   This player may have played at a high level the season before or played extensively in summer and fall ball leagues this past year.

In this case, the parents will request that the player “play up” in registration and then the player will attend BOTH the AA and AAA player evaluation sessions.  If there are roster spots which need to be filled on AAA teams, and moving those players up will help team/league parity, this player may be invited to play up to AAA.

It must be a point of emphasis that not being invited to “play up” does not mean that that player is not a good player or have high skills. The fact that one of NWSLL’s goals is to have “parity between all teams in each division and 12 players per team” may dictate how many players play up, not the skill level of each player who may have requested to play up.   Overall, team parity create a better experience for all teams and players.


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What are the new AA and AAA baseball divisions?

To comply with the District 8 standards, we have added the AA and AAA divisions for baseball in place of what we formerly called “Minors”.

The addition of the AA division (also known as 89ers) will allow 8 year old baseball players to play “kid pitch” baseball with the 9 year olds.

The new AAA division will be a “stepping stone” for 10 and 11 year old baseball players on their journey to Majors baseball.   This new division will be a more competitive division and provide more inter-league games than the league we have historically called “Baseball Minors”.

The addition of the AAA league will also raise the level of our Majors division teams to a level at par with the rest of the division 8 leagues, as most of the Majors games are “inter-league” in nature and more competitive than AAA.


Should my daughter play baseball or fast pitch softball?

Girls have the choice of playing baseball or “fast pitch” softball. We recommend starting girls in softball after they’ve played at least one year of Tee-ball,  around age 7. We’ve noticed that most girls who continue on in baseball stop playing at the Minors or Majors level, whereas girls who start softball early often continue playing through high school.  Softball players will make friends with the girls she will continue playing with year after year, forming bonds that are important for most girls to continue in sports. If your daughter happens to excel or you are looking for athletic challenge, there are more opportunities available for girls in fast-pitch softball as they get older.

Player evaluations

As each of our teams in “KID PITCH” baseball will be chosen by a “draft” procedure, all players wishing to play in AA, AAA and Majors Baseball must attend Player Evaluations in early February.

Some players may be considering the option to “play up” into a division above their registered age group. These players must attend evaluations for both the age group they would like to play in and the age group they fall in at registration. Evaluations occur in February.

Should I become a League Member?

All board members, managers, coaches, and umpires are required to become members. Membership allows you to attend the general membership meeting in September and to elect board members.  Please fill out the Adult volunteer Registration form to become a member.

Volunteer information

The success of our league depends upon volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time and skills to help make our league better! The registration process allows you to select volunteer opportunities that may interest you review this website for more details.

Tax-deductible donations

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to NWSLL. This year, these funds will be used to provide scholarships to needy families, continue with field improvements, and to purchase new equipment, such as pitching machines for our teams. The registration process has a field where you can specify tax-deductible donations.

Prospective coaches/managers

All coaches should register themselves by clicking “Register Now” below and then select the “coach and umpire” volunteer link.  You will be guided through the registration process.

Coaches must also fill out a volunteer application and return to the designated or Northwest Seattle Little League administrator.

Online registration system

Click here to register. We are using Bonzi for our league’s registration, which is similar to how we have done it in previous years.

There are a few changes and additions though, so please read everything carefully.

Please note all information you enter is kept private and not shared with any other party. Additionally, all transactions are performed securely over an encrypted connection. No credit card information is stored in the system.

Registration Process

1) Refer here for NWSLL registration policies.
2) Click here to go to the online registration page.
3) Click on “Regular Season 2017 – PLAYERS” to register your child for baseball or softball.
4) If you registered last year, you should already have a member account on our website. Login using this account. After logging in, much of your information from last year will be remembered and registration will go much quicker. If you forgot your account information, you can have it e-mailed to you or contact our league webmaster for additional assistance.
5) If this is your first time using the registration system, click on “NO, I do not have a member account” to create a new member account on our website. First time registrants will need to fill in all information.
6) Follow the on-screen instructions to register all of your players, then return to the registration page.
7) If you wish to coach or manage, click on “Regular Season 2017 Coach/Volunteer” to register as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Umpire.
8) If you decide to register for NSWLL as a board member or “votiing member” of the league, please also use the same form: “Regular Season 2017 Spring Coach/Volunteer”


Register Here

Having trouble?

If you run into any problems in navigating the registration steps, up to and including online payment using your credit or debit card, please contact, our partner Bonzi Sports Software at 866-726-4131 or visit their online help page. If you are still unable to register, feel free to email Northwest Seattle Little League or help at or


Please review this website for more information or send an e-mail to