General FAQs

What age groups or divisions are available?

Please see our divisions page for a listing of age groups and divisions and a brief description of each.

What options are there for children under age 6?

NWSLL has a Tee-Ball program for kids under 6. See our divisions page on this website for more information.

Are there any fees other than registration fees?

Each family is asked to sell tickets to our annual FAN FEST & PIZZA FEED, which will take place in early May. This is our primary fundraiser that pays for uniforms, equipment, fields, maintenance, storage rental, etc.   In addition, this fund raiser helps NWSLL keep registration fees as low as possible and also provides scholarships for families in need so that every child has the opportunity to play Little League Baseball in Northwest Seattle.

What is your registration refund policy?

Prior to playing in a sanctioned game, refund levels are determined by when the request is made (NWSLL will not issue refunds after a child has played in a sanctioned game or practice. )  Refund schedule is provided HERE

Also, if a player is registered for a division that has a higher registration fee than the one in which the child ends up playing, a refund will be issued for the difference.  An example of this is:  Say an 8 year old player is registered for AA (kid pitch) baseball and at a later time, the family or coaches determine that it may be a better fit for the player to try Rookies (Coach pitch) baseball, then the difference between the two registration fees will be refunded (as the AA registration fee is higher than the Rookies registration fee.)

Where can I find game schedules and results?

Game schedules and results  for AAA/Minors games and above are posted on the D8 Umpires web site. They are not currently available on the NWSLL web site

Do I have to donate to the NW Fan-fest donation when registering? If not, when?

You have the option to make your NW Fanfest donation at registration time, but it is not mandatory. Fundraising efforts will commence in April and lead up to the Fanfest event in early May.

What if I cannot afford the registration fees?

No child will be denied an opportunity to play due to financial reasons.  If you are in need of a full or partial scholarship, please follow the below steps, or email registrar@nwsll.com for further information before registering in Bonzi.

  • Applicants may fill out our Scholarship Application or provide a copy of their Seattle Public Schools reduced/free lunch acceptance letter.
  • Please send either document to registrar@nwsll.com for review.
  • Approved applicants will receive a coupon code to be entered into our Bonzi registration program, which will then allow the applicant to complete the registration process.

Does the league provide the required equipment?

The league provides most of the required baseball/softball equipment  and a Game Jersey + Hat, but there are items which each family will need to supply. Please see below…

What gear or equipment does each family need to supply for their player(s):

NWSLL does not provide the following REQUIRED gear:

  • Baseball glove (mitt)
  • Cleats (soccer or football shoes work just fine)
  • Protective cup (for boys)
  • wind breaker or other clothing for cold/wet weather
  • Water bottle (as there are no drinking fountains at most field locations)
  • For older divisions (usually kid pitch divisions), players will be expected to have their own pants, socks, and undershirt (to match the team colors).

It is possible to find good used equipment and baseball clothing at a reasonable price at local stores like Play-It-Again Sports or even thrift shops like Value Village or Goodwill. We do not want to prevent kids from playing for financial reasons, however, so please also feel free to speak with your coach or a league official if you need any equipment.  Many families have “hand me down” shoes or gloves which are available to use or have been donated to our league.

Is there any “optional” gear we should consider for our player?

The following items are not required, but families may choose to supply these for their player:

  • Personal helmet
  • personal bat
  • batting gloves
  • gear bag

There are different “divisions” in baseball and softball.  How is my child placed in a different division?

All players will be placed in a division at registration based on his/her date of birth.  There will be one or two options for each age group, and parents can decide between the options for each player.  In some cases a player may have one or more choices based on date of birth and gender.

Please check this link for a description of the NWSLL divisions.

What is the league’s policy around playing up in an older age group?

Playing in an older age group may be an option for some players, but is not recommended for most players.  The most typical cases in which a player may want to be considered for playing up are the following:

  • An advanced eleven year old who may want to play in Majors Baseball (they will be registered for AAA baseball).
  • An advanced NINE year old who may want to play up in AAA baseball.
  • An advanced seven year old who may be ready to play up in AA (kid pitch) baseball.

In all of these cases, any player selected to play up will be based on the players displayed skill at player evaluations (which are required). It will also depend on the number of teams and team composition of the division into which the player is asking to play.

The following are the policies for playing up:

  • Under no circumstances can a child play up more than one division.
  • A request to play up must be indicated at time of registration, but the player’s true DATE OF BIRTH must be submitted during registration.
  • Eight year-olds can register in either Rookies or AA (as this stage of development has a very wide range of skill level), but all other ages will be registered for the division which corresponds to their date of birth.
  • Players requesting to play up must attend tryouts for both the play up age group and their own age group.
  • A player will be approved to play up based on his or her displayed skill level at player evaluations and also based on an open roster spot in the requested division.

Rookie (A ball) Division FAQ s

What is the Rookie Division?

Rookie league is for boys and girls aged 7-8.  Rookie league is a good introduction to baseball/softball and prepares the players for Minor league. Each team will have several coaches. The aim of this league is to develop fundamental skills (batting, throwing, catching, defense and base running) in a fun and positive environment.

  • The Rookie League is all coach pitch
  • There is a “continuous batting order” (the entire line-up bats each inning).
  • In some situations, a batting tee may be used as well.
  • There is no score keeping and all players bat each inning.
  • There is not a draft of players and players can request playing with their friends on the same team.
  • There are no scores or standings and there are playoffs or All-Stars.

What kind of ball is used in Rookie League?

Rookies use a RIF-5 ball which is medium/soft, and the same size as a regular baseball.

How often will there be games or practices?

There are two practices a week at the beginning of the season, once games begin it is one practice and one game per week. Practices are 1 hour long. Games are 2-3 innings normally 1-1.5 hours long. Practice/Games Times are finalized once registration is complete, and will be given to you by your coach. It is approximately a 10 game season.

What days and where will the games and practices be?

There generally will be a weeknight practice and a Saturday game. The exact days and times are not know until registration is complete and teams are formed. The games and practices are usually held at Crown Hill playfield, or Soundview Park #2.

Can we play with our friends or ask for a specific coach?

Rookie League allows requests to play with specific friends or coaches.  During registration, you can make friend or coaching requests in the special requests field. The league will make every effort to meet these requests.

Are there any fees for the uniform?

For Rookie League, a tee shirt and hat is supplied by the league and it can be kept when the season is over.

When does Rookie League start?

the Rookie division starts about a month later than the “kid pitch” divisions  little later than our other leagues. It will start in early April and end in mid June.

AA/AAA/Majors Baseball FAQs

What are Evaluations? What happens on Evaluations day?  What if we can’t make it to any of the try-out dates?

Player evaluations (AKA “Try outs”) are an activity at which all players who desire to play “kid pitch” baseball (in AA, AAA and Majors) are asked to participate.  Player evaluations happen usually on the weekend before Mid-winter break (early Feb) and take place at a local field (usually a turf field due to weather issues in February.)

At the evaluation day, players are asked to take turns batting, fielding and running the bases. The NWSLL team coaches attend the evaluation and rate each players demonstrated skills (other things are also looked at like effort, attitude and maturity).

If a child cannot attend any of the try-out dates,  coaches may compare notes on what they know of the player from last season so that the player can be “rated” correctly in relation to other the other players.  In some cases, the player’s name will be drawn out of a hat at the end of the draft process to determine team placement for that player.  Any player requesting to play up will be required to attend player evaluations.

What should my child bring to the evaluation day?

Kids will be running, fielding and batting. If at all possible, players should wear baseball attire including baseball cleats and baseball pants or sweats. Players should also wear a protective cup, bring a glove and water bottle.

Batting helmets, bats and baseballs are provided but if preferred, a child may wear his/her own helmet or hit with his/her personal bat. There will also be extra gloves should a player need to borrow one.

How is my child selected to a team?

At the end of the evaluation weekend, coaches get together and decide if any and which players will be invited to “Play up”.  Then the coaches will have a player “draft” to choose teams. The purpose behind a draft process is to create teams that are most equally matched in terms of experience and skill, so that there is parity among all NW teams.

How many coaches does each team have? Can we select our coach?

Since teams are selected through a “draft” process, players and player-families do not select their coach. There are two official coaches per team, and volunteer parent coach helpers are very much encouraged and appreciated. Children of the two registered coaches are guaranteed to play on their parent’s team and must also attend player evaluations so that each is placed on the team correctly (in the correct round of the draft.)

Can we play with our friends?

Since teams are selected through a “draft” process, there is not a guarantee that your child will be placed on a team with his/her best friends… By the end of the season, however, your child will have developed several new and exciting friendships with their teammates!

When will we find out what team we’re on?

Coaches will contact all families shortly after the teams are formed.

What will the practice and game schedule look like?

In AA baseball, there are typically two or three baseball events per week (practices/games on weekdays and weekends).   In early March, two practices per week will be scheduled, and after games begin in mid/late March, one game and two practices will be scheduled per week. Games will always be completed by dark (and around 8 pm later in the spring) on weeknights.  There may be some inter-league games with teams from one of the other local leagues, but this will be determined once the schedule is formed (and how many AA teams NWSLL ends up fielding).

In AAA baseball, there are between three and four events per week .  In early March, two practices per week will be scheduled, and after games begin in mid/late March, two games and two practices will be scheduled per week.   Games will always be completed by dark (and around 8 pm later in the spring) on weeknights. There may be some inter-league games with teams from one of the other local leagues, but this will be determined once the schedule is formed.  In addition, each team will play the other NWSLL teams during the season and in the “end of season” NWSLL tournament.

In Majors baseball, there are four events per week.  In early March, two practices per week will be scheduled, and after games begin in mid/late March, three games and one practices will be scheduled per week.   Games will always be completed by dark (and around 8 pm later in the spring) on weeknights. Majors baseball will have a game schedule which is mostly against other North Seattle/Shoreline teams from other leagues.  In addition, each team will play the other NWSLL teams during the season and in the “end of season” NWSLL tournament.

On what fields do we play?

Most commonly, NWSLL plays at Soundview fields, North Acres Ballfields and occasionally Ingraham High School, but when it is an “inter-league” game, we will play on the home field of a neighboring league (mostly around Ballard,  Wallingford, NE Seattle and Shoreline, but occasionally we will play at fields in the Queen Anne or Magnolia neighborhoods.)

What uniform or equipment supplies will I need for the season?

NWSLL will provide caps and jerseys. Players will need to provide their own baseball pants, belts, long sleeved-undershirts, socks and protective cups. It is a good idea to wait to purchase the socks and sleeves until you know your team colors. It is also a good idea to have extra baseball pants. At the end of the season, jerseys may need to be returned to the league (depending on division.)

In terms of player-equipment, each player should have a protective cup and his/her own glove; if a player wishes to have his/her own bat that is fine but not required. If anyone has questions about what type of equipment to purchase (type of glove or bat) it is a great idea to approach your coach with those questions. There are requirements in terms of bat sizing that are strictly enforced. Please visit the official little league website for specifics on bat restrictions.

What if I cannot afford the appropriate equipment for my child?

Please contact your coach or any little league board member if you family needs assistance to outfit your child with appropriate equipment. NWSLL is committed to including all players who wish to play and we will help your child acquire what he/she needSoftball FAQs

Should my daughter play baseball or softball?

Girls have the choice of playing baseball or softball. We recommend starting girls in softball after they’ve played at least one year of tee-ball,  around age 7. We’ve noticed that most girls who continue on in baseball stop playing at the Minors or Majors level, whereas girls who start softball early often continue playing through high school. She will make friends with the girls she will continue playing with year after year, forming bonds that are important for most girls to continue in sports. If your daughter happens to excel or you are looking for athletic challenge, there are more opportunities available for girls in fastpitch softball as they get older.