Why are we raising money for the league? Doesn’t the registration cover it all? In addition to registration fees, NWLL needs to raise additional funds to pay for uniforms, field reservations, training and other day-to-day expenses.

As a league, we would also like to strive for more training, better equipment and more opportunities for our kids to have a safe and enjoyable season. To do that, we need to establish a sustainable fundraising effort to provide additional funds to allow us to provide top-notch equipment and fields, players’ and coaches’ clinics and continually improve our facilities.

Is this the same event as the Pizza Feed or the Spaghetti Feed?  This event is taking the place of the old Spaghetti Feed and last year’s Pizza Feed. We added the Hit-A-Thon because we need to raise additional dollars this year to keep up with the league’s needs! Our fundraising goal fell short last year and we need to make up for that this year in addition to raising money for this year’s budget to get NWSLL on stable financial ground.

How do I buy tickets for the event and how many tickets do I need to buy? In previous years we asked every family to either purchase or sell 10 tickets to either the Pizza Feed or Spaghetti Feed. We would LOVE for every family to do that again this year but we also understand we are asking families to participate in the Hit-A-Thon as well. The goal for this event is to make it a fun day for the whole community and raise money for our league so we strongly encourage all of our families to come, spread the word and sell as many tickets as possible. You can email your coach, your team parent or one of the members of the committee listed below. You can also purchase tickets online if you go to your team page found under the team tab here:

How does the Hit-A-Thon work?  The Hit-A-Thon is very similar to a walk-a-thon. Each player solicits sponsors who pledge to make a tax-deductible donation NWSLL. The amount of the pledge can be based on a flat rate or the longest ball hit. Each player gets 3 hits off of a tee, and we count the longest hit. There will be individual, team and league wide prizes for the players raising the most pledges, along with prizes at the event for hitting and skills contests as well.

Should I provide a flat donation or a pledge? Many sponsors find it easiest to provide a flat donation of $5, $10, $20 or any amount.  Flat pledges are easiest due to the fact that these can be donated right away at the players fund raising web page.

Other sponsors will pledge a certain amount per foot, usually between $.25 and $.50 per foot. T-Ball players usually hit 50-100 feet and AAA or Majors players may hit over 100 feet with some of the big hitters blasting the ball as far as 180-200 feet. Much of the excitement of our contest centers on the unknown factor of how far a player will hit—and consequently how much they will raise.  For “per foot” donations, these will be recorded on a “pledge sheet” by the player and collected later.

How can people pay? To make collecting payments as easy as possible, NWLL has developed a website for secure payments.  This limits the time you would need to go back and collect funds from supporters. If someone prefers to send a check, payment can be made out to NWSLL. Once the “off line” pledges are reported, the pledge it will be added to the player’s total. For “per foot” pledges, these will be tabulated and collected after the event by the player (exact instructions will be provided later).

What is our goal? The more players who participate, the better for NWSLL and the more fun we all have! We are trying to raise $500 to $1,000 per team, which would equal more than $12,000. The teams who win the group prizes usually have every single player participating.