NWSLL Winter Academy Training

Updated: January 8, 2016

NWSLL Academy Training- Space is Limited, Sign-up Today!


Attention NWSLL Players!  Get a jump on your skill development for the 2016 Season.  NWSLL is working with Baseball Positive in putting on its annual Winter Academy Training.  The first in a series of Batting and Pitching skills training begins on Sunday Jan 17 and runs through Sunday Feb 28.




Cost:                     $117 per session

Eligibility:             Players ages 7-12

Dates:                   Sundays, Jan 17, 24, 31; Feb 21, 28

Clinics:                  2pm-3pm:      Pitching I                 3pm-4pm:      Batting I  *CLOSED*

Location:              North Seattle Boys & Girls Club Gym – 8635 Fremont Ave

Enrollment:          Each program limited to 12 players




Descriptions of Clinic Content:


Batting I (The Swing)

Comprehensive teaching of the swing.  Covers all aspects of an efficient, powerful and productive swing.  Players with years of experience, as well as novice batters, start with Batting I.  It is critical for players to master the skills taught in this clinic in order to be prepared to advance to Batting II.


Clinic teaches fundamentals that lead to sound body control and balance throughout the swing.  Unnecessary movement in the swing is eliminated and players are trained in simple and efficient swing actions.  Players learn to utilize the strength of their entire body in the swing and to direct that energy to, and through, contact with the baseball/softball.  A major component of the class is gaining a sense of how their body works to produce the swing.


Highlights of what the batters learn:

  • Balance and posture throughout the swing
  • Anchoring the swing
  • Controlling the lower body turn to maximize power, bat speed and accuracy in the swing
  • Path of the hands in the swing – a key to a quicker swing and greater acceleration through contact.  Mastery of the path of hands is critical for advancing to, and excelling in, Batting II.
  • Applying the swing to hitting a live pitch and making consistently solid contact with the ball
  • A simple, easy to follow and comprehensive set of drills, for work at home, is provided during the program in an illustrated handout.  Videos are also provided to support the principles taught.




Pitching I

Covers all aspects of an efficient, powerful and accurate delivery.  Participants learn the three components of the delivery and gain an awareness of the ‘feel’ of an effective and sound delivery.  The pitcher also starts on their way to establishing a consistent Release Point, which is the foundation for throwing effective off-speed pitches and eliminating the possibility of ‘tipping’ their pitches to their opponents.


A central focus of the instruction focuses on techniques to reduce pressure on the shoulder and elbow, minimizing the potential for sore arms or injury.  The Change-up and Two Seam Fastball are introduced.


A simple, easy to follow, and comprehensive set of drills for work at home is provided during the program in an illustrated handout.

CONTACT: info@nwsll.org


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