NWSLL Academy Training Program

Updated: February 25, 2014

NWSLL’s  Academy Training program is unique to our state’s little league offerings, and will play an important part in preseason and early season player and coach development.

Our Winter Academy offering is a more intensive offering for 7-13 year old players and begins in early January and runs until mid March.

There may also  be some early season Academy Training sessions for the younger players (Rookies and Tee Ballers) to give the youngsters something to work on until their season starts in April.

Like the Seattle United clinics offered by Ballard Youth Soccer, NWSLL’s Academy Training program will supplement our normal league practices and give players the needed reps in batting and pitching which are often difficult for coaches to include in normal team practices.

These indoor baseball and softball clinics for NWSLL players and coaches (with parents welcome to participate as well)—will give every NWSLL player an opportunity to start the season off with personalized access to high-energy workouts, with an emphasis on developing proper batting, Pitching and fielding mechanics. Over these sessions, each player will also get in hundreds of reps of each discipline, providing a good base of muscle memory to build on for the rest of the season.

These one-hour, weekly sessions will not replace weekday practices, but will add a valuable dimension to early season training. The importance of the indoor Academy Training sessions will be enhanced even more due to the fact that many outdoor practices in March and April tend to get rained out.

NWSLL Academy Training sessions will be held at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club in Greenwood.


Participants should bring a glove, bat, helmet and water bottle. Dress for indoors—no cleats allowed. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early in the front game room (where coaches will organize players into groups). Do not enter the gym before the allotted time. Parents are welcome to be in the gym, but may be asked to help (as there are not many places to stand and not be in the way) as we will use every square inch of the gym.

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