Northwest Teams Finish Strong

Updated: July 25, 2013

The 2013 Northwest Seattle Little League minors and majors All-Star teams finished the year strong. Congratulations teams!

The NWSLL minors All-Star team won the District 8 championship and their first three games of the state tournament before bowing out to earn a fifth-place finish in state. This is the strongest showing by a NWSLL team in many years. It was a great run, and is a real accomplishment to reach the top 5 in all of Washington State (out of 170 or so All-Star teams statewide). In winning and in losing, the NW team showed lots of sportsmanship  and earned high praise from the administrators of the tournament events.

The 2013 NWSLL majors All-Stars pushed deep into the District 8 tournament, winning its first three matches before eventually falling to D8 champion Queen Anne (which then went on a good run in the state tournament). As with the minors team, pushing this deep into tournament play is a feat that has not been accomplished by a NW majors All-Star team for at least 10 years.   This group of kids has played together a number of years starting with coach pitch, and continuing through minors and now majors.  This season was a great accomplishment for them as their showing in the district tournament has improved each year.

Thank you parents and families for supporting all of our All-Star teams throughout the playoff season. We are all looking forward to watching these players progress through the juniors and seniors divisions, and also cheering on our next generation of minors and majors. There are more good players on the rise so stay tuned!

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